Monday, March 16, 2009

5 Most Recession-Proof Jobs

1. Nursing
$35,000 to $45,000
The aging baby boomer population has increased demand for nurses. Add to that the shrinking number of people who go into the profession, and there's a real shortage.

2.Software Design and Development
$85,000 to $95,000
Software designers write the programs to meet business needs. Computer software engineers are expected to be among the fastest-growing occupations through 2016.

3.Sales Representative
$65,000 to $75,000
In tough economic times, a talented sales force is needed to get new customers and grow business opportunities.

4.Accounting Executive
Median salary: $65,000 to $75,000
These managers are in high demand; accounting continues no matter what the economy looks like. These executives manage the growing number of accounting staffers.

5. Accounting Staff
$45,000 to $55,000
Tougher accounting and auditing regulations are largely responsible for the growth of the profession. Also, in a downturn many companies turn to their accountants to figure out how they can operate more leanly.